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Corporate Governance

The topic of corporate covers all aspects of corporate law (commercial and corporate law, insolvency law, international business law, capital market law, banking law, mergers & acquisitions). This also includes advising managing directors or board members as well as minority or majority shareholders of small and medium-sized companies on regularly recurring management measures and restructuring.

Our activities are in particular:

  • Foundation of companies and start-ups
  • Review and preparation of letters of intent
  • Joint Venture Consulting
  • Consulting for domestic & foreign investors
  • Implementation of capital increases
  • Preparation of corporate transactions, especially through due diligence
  • Advice to managing directors, managing directors, shareholders within the scope of corporate law constructions
  • shareholder disputes & arbitration proceedings
  • Shareholders' meeting and general meeting
  • Liability and limitation of liability
  • restructuring, change of legal form
  • Drafting of contracts and amendment of articles of association
  • Compliance System
  • Expansion of companies (M&A)

Core areas

The establishment of companies for foreign investors, the implementation of capital increases or the preparation of various transactions are at the core of JR's services. In addition, JR advises individual directors, managers or shareholders on the legal implementation of their interests within the framework of corporate law constructions.

The advice in the area of corporate law mostly relates to small and medium-sized companies in the form of a GmbH, a KG or a GmbH & Co. KG. This also includes liability limitation mechanisms involving foreign legal forms (e.g. Limited liability companies).

Preparation of corporate transactions

JR advises clients on the execution of the legal due diligence (legal due diligence). A legal due diligence is generally a very precise examination of the current legal situation with regard to e.g. upstream transactions.

The entire legal relationship of one party to another, or in relation to a takeover target, is examined. This applies to all contracts, both private and public law. JR's 25 years of experience helps us to consider such legal relationships, their development and the possible later exit strategy.

FAQ on Corporate Governance

Do I need a business plan and a sophisticated strategy before the first consultation?

No. Your ideas are perfectly sufficient. Rather, we can continue your ideas together and steer them into legally secure channels.

Our offer JR Develop is the solution for companies and investors. We support your project with our comprehensive legal advice from the initial planning stage, through the conclusion of the contract, to its successful completion. We work preventively, are involved in the negotiations from the very beginning and provide a professional legal basis for your economic success.

We anticipate and eliminate risks before they arise. We would like to support you with sustainable and de-escalating strategies in emerging disputes. Legal advice is indispensable for most projects and is agreed with us at fixed and fair conditions.

Why do companies in particular need permanent legal advice?

Companies have to ensure that their conduct complies with the rules on a permanent basis. This requires a "direct line" to those responsible in the companies via changes in the legal situation or market practice. The topic of compliance, i.e. the observance of internal company rules and general laws, is becoming increasingly important. Political and economic reform projects must also be accompanied, implemented and critically examined by experts.

What is to be considered on the topic f corporate especially in times of orona (Covid-19)?

In the near future it will no longer be just about the growth of companies. Especially the restructuring and refinancing of companies is moving into focus. Here, the possible insolvency of companies must be prevented by creative and legally secure arrangements.

What is a joint venture and what are the advantages?

A joint venture is usually a subsidiary in which at least two independent companies have a joint interest.

The advantages are: Cost sharing, improved capacity utilization, increased know-how and quality and the opening up of new markets.

A disadvantage is the associated loss of independence. Especially here, legal protection is one of the most important issues.

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