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Experts and Surveyors

Technical experts provide information on technical questions that lawyers cannot answer. A close cooperation between the two professions provides the legal seeker with the greatest possible certainty for the optimal handling of his or her requests.

  • Requirement for an expert opinion
  • Expert opinion
  • Defects in expert opinions, liability of experts
  • Material defects
  • Real Estate Law
  • Law on contracts for work

Disputes in connection with real estate can often only be settled by means of expert opinions. Using experts correctly and understanding their language is a skill that JR has learned and can apply in many proceedings.

Experts must be able to answer technical questions about real estate in such a way that clarity of responsibilities can be established on a contractual basis. This applies not only to construction projects of various types (defects in trades, materials, delays) but also to questions from users over the long term of many lease contracts. Parties argue about defects. The responsibilities seem to be clear. But whether a defect exists according to the rules of art and technology is a matter of dispute. This is where the competent assessment of an expert can help.

JR has good contacts to competent experts in various fields.

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