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Project Development

Real estate projects are generally developed and implemented intensively. Implementing these processes as effectively and cost-optimally as possible requires high professional qualifications in economic, technical and legal terms. This is what makes for good project development, without which larger and complex construction projects cannot be successfully implemented today.


  • Commercial and technical support of building projects
  • Building construction and industrial construction
  • Real Estate Development
  • Purchase of land and houses
  • Conversion and new construction of real estate
  • Comprehensive project support

JR advises project developers or builders on the legal aspects of project control. This is an investment that always pays off.

Legal project development comes along with the commercial and technical supervision of construction projects, both in building construction and in industrial buildings. Many interests must be taken into account in such projects before and during the implementation phase and must always be brought into balance. Therefore, in addition to a precise knowledge of the contracts agreed between all parties involved, the ability to resolve disputes, if possible during the construction phase, and to provide (interim) results also plays a role. Experience shows that this saves time and money.

For project developments, JR has developed two "products" that meet the needs of builders and their representatives:


JR defines the real estate development (acquisition, its examination, as well as the conversion or new construction on it) and offers a lump-sum compensation for this in the amount of a percentage of the agreed assessment basis (e.g. the purchase price). This approach has the unbeatable advantage for the client of having the lawyer's fee as a lump sum and thus no surprises in terms of fees. JR ensures a full range of advice, even over a longer project period.


JR-Develop includes full legal advice (except proceedings) for the entire project duration, from planning to handover or sale. The client enjoys a full legal service at a fixed fee. The client has the certainty of the cost limit and cost transparency and can set these costs already during the calculation of the overall project and thus fully allocate them.