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Real Estate Law

Real estates as important economic goods

Real Estate Law in the sense understood here includes all legal issues of civil and public law regulations. Real estate is of outstanding importance in our economic cycle as an asset. They are the focus of our consulting services. We consider the entire cycle of a property, from the field to the building law, from the building law to the handover.

We cover the following topics:

We cover the following topics:

  • Real Estate Business Law
  • Project development, project management, project manager
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Property Outsourcing
  • Building contractor
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Institutional, commercial and private investors
  • Public and private owners
  • Builders
  • Commercial tenants
  • Law of Succession
  • Land charge and mortgage
  • Notarial certification

Value chain

We advise clients on all legal issues related to real estate, both under private and public law. The quality and effectiveness of the legal services provided by us is especially due to the fact that the advice we provide covers a wide range of legal fields, which in any case benefits the client. In real estate consulting, we cover the entire value chain of a property. This is public law from the field to construction law. This includes the creation of building law within the framework of project-related development plans, assistance in the preparation of development plans, as well as extrajudicial and judicial disputes with the authorities and agencies concerned.

Once building law has been created, a number of legal problems have to be solved until the land or real estate is handed over to the end user. Thus we do not only takes care of the entire chain of services, but also advise on the sale to professional investors or individual users. This is followed by the phase of warranty issues after handover as well as legal advice for real estate in the portfolio. Questions regarding residential property law also belong to the consulting spectrum.

Real Estate Law

Distinction between civil and public building law

Public building law

Lawyers distinguish between public and private building law. For the client this distinction is often not clear. Public building law includes questions regarding the effectiveness or contestability of building permits, building law proceedings and much more. We are well versed in the fields of law that the client needs to realize his financial and economic goals.

Private building law

Building contracts, architect contracts, all forms of contracts for work and services or contracts for work and materials are part of private building law. We cover the entire spectrum of consulting services and thus provide the client with the certainty that no legal aspect of his investments will be left unconsidered.

FAQ on Real Estate Law

Do I need advice before buying a property, since the purchase contract will be explained to me by the notary public?

Yes, especially the careful technical and legal examination of a real estate transaction (due diligence) avoids many surprises and makes transparent to the buyer what he is buying. The notary must take into account the interests of both parties. Unfortunately, the (private) buyer is often left alone.

I want to utilize my real estate or transfer it to the next generation in such a way that I still have a benefit of it. What can I do?

First of all, the property and the parties involved must be identified and carefully examined. Does the planned project make sense from a real estate, inheritance and tax law perspective? Or how should it be structured? We face up to these complex questions and provide the client with legal and thus (very often) financial advantages.

I do not live in Germany, but I would like to purchase real estate there. May I do that? What do I have to do?

Real estate in Germany may also be acquired by non-Germans. This applies not only to EU citizens, but also to non-EU citizens. The purchaser must prove who he or she is (passport, nationality, registered office of the company, etc.) and - in the light of the money laundering laws in Germany - prove in case of doubt that the funds used for the acquisition were acquired legally. Since the purchase of real estate must be made by contract before a German notary, the buyer must come to Germany regularly. If a foreign company buys, it must be proven whether it was founded lawfully and who its authorized representatives (managing directors) are, who should appear before the notary in case of doubt.

I would like to purchase a property abroad. What should I consider?

We also recommend comprehensive advice from a German lawyer who is familiar with buying real estate abroad. This lawyer can first explain the general conditions of such an acquisition. At this point, it already depends on whether the potential object of purchase is located in another EU country or outside. It is then advisable for the German lawyer to contact a specialist based abroad who will clarify and implement the formalities on site. We have many years of experience in the planning and implementation of real estate acquisitions of German prospective buyers abroad (Canada, USA, Europe).

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