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Building Law

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Building law as the center of all real estate law affects not only private building law, but also public building law. Private building law relates to the construction of real estate between two parties. Public building law deals with the questions of how building is permitted (development plans, building applications, building law, building permits). We provide excellent coverage of both areas of advice. Only the competent overall view of the entire factual situation guarantees successful building.

Our clients are mainly:

Our clients are mainly:

  • Private individuals and private builders
  • Nationwide operating general contractors (GU/GÜ)
  • Developer
  • Project developer
  • Property companies
  • Sectoral planner
  • Companies in the industry (plant manufacturing)
Our main tasks in this respect are:

Our main tasks in this respect are:

  • Consulting, project consulting, judicial and extrajudicial representation
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Building lease creation measures
  • Approval processes (construction, change of use, demolition, monument protection)
  • Contract design (building contracts and contracts for work)
  • Enforcement and defense of claims (services, warranty, defects, compensation, etc.)
  • Disruptions and building obstructions
  • Supplements
  • Guarantees and other means for providing security
  • In-house training of employees in the building industry

Scope of consulting

In private building law, we advise both contractors and clients on the drafting of contracts, projects and project developments, but also on warranty issues, claims for defects, etc. In public building law, we advise in particular project developers, who are implementing building law measures in order to climb the legal ladder from the field to building law.

Building law in a broader sense does not only include the creation of building law under public law, the contact with the authorities, the drafting of project-related development plans or development plans in close consultation with the municipality. In addition, we also advise the parties involved in the construction process on the drafting of contracts, in particular building contracts and contracts for work for the construction of buildings, on the regulations under the German Civil Code or the applicability of the VOB/B (German Construction Contract Procedures). This advice does not only refer to the extrajudicial, but also to the judicial part, i.e. the lawsuits filed by all parties before the competent ordinary courts (Regional Court, Higher Regional Court, Federal Supreme Court) but also before arbitration courts. In this context, Dr. Jasper has repeatedly acted as arbitrator and chairman of arbitration tribunals which had to deal with very complex issues of construction law.

Private building law

In building contracts between private individuals, the regulations can be agreed in accordance with the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB/B) or they can be based on the German Civil Code (BGB). For building contracts concluded after January 1, 2018, the new Building Contract Law applies in particular, for contracts concluded before January 1, 2018, the Work Contract Law still applies.

Public building law

We assist you in the creation of building law, in the drafting and negotiation of urban development contracts, during the approval process, in negotiations with authorities and in the enforcement of permits (building permit, change of use, monument protection, etc.).

Current topics

We will inform you here about current topics and case law on the subject of building law.

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