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If you are a member of a condominium owners' association, questions about the repair and maintenance of the common property (common property) and, in particular, disputes about who bears the costs for this arise time and again. Or individual owners wish to make structural changes or renovations to the building, which the other owners, on the other hand, do not want to see implemented or only within the framework of a special cost allocation. In this context, it is important for you as a co-owner to know, for example, with which majorities such measures can be decided in a meeting and whether individual owners can be spared from obligations in whole or at least in part. In this context, we also check the relevant regulations in the declaration of partition and the partition plan for you.

We provide you with legal advice on the preparation and implementation of resolutions (including circular resolutions, for example) and also examine for you the possibility of taking legal action against them or bringing about a decision by the community of owners by way of court proceedings.

We also examine for you questions concerning the tasks and liability of the administration, pursue or defend claims of third parties against the community of owners and also clarify for you legally claims and demands of the individual owners among themselves.

Finally, our work also includes advising and representing property managers in the preparation and conduct of owners' meetings, the drafting of resolutions and in questions of liability both towards the community of condominium owners and towards third parties.

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