The construction turbo pact

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 |  Dr. Dieter Jasper, LL.M.

The construction turbo pact for Germany is to be finalised by the end of 2023

The Construction Turbo Pact

According to the German government, the aim is to "ensure that construction projects can be planned and realised more quickly for a limited period of time in locations with high demand. This will allow gaps between buildings to be utilised quickly, roofs to be built on or derelict land to be converted into living space. In addition, we are reducing bureaucracy so that mountains of files in building authorities are a thing of the past. This means that nothing now stands in the way of the new German pace of housing construction. In future, homes can be planned and realised more quickly."

The Construction Turbo Pact is intended to be just one building block in a raft of measures by the federal government to accelerate planning, approval and construction. It complements the comprehensive activities of the pact of measures for additional investment in the construction of affordable housing, which the federal government launched in September 2023 and is currently implementing. (

And it is the logical continuation of a path that the federal government has been consistently pursuing since the beginning of the legislative period with the planning acceleration packages in order to build faster, more innovatively and more cost-effectively - so that housing can be built more quickly in Germany in the future, according to the federal government (see

We will continue to monitor and report on this process.

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