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Quality assurance (Qualitätssicherung)

Quality assurance here means maintaining the value of a property. In particular, it is a matter of handling warranty and renovation cases - if relevant - as quickly as possible, avoiding loss of use and, in particular, creating, maintaining and ensuring the quality of the property, i.e. the structural quality, in the long term.

Quality assurance already begins in the planning phase. Both performance specifications and planning documents and all construction contracts must be reviewed. In doing so, the quality of all these areas must be brought into line with the corresponding costs. After all, from the point of view of quality assurance, it is often cheaper in the long run to use high-quality materials and thus more expensive materials in order to exclude warranty and remediation cases as far as possible.

During construction, quality assurance is of great importance. Not only must the entire interfaces to the individual trades be considered together with the project manager. But in case of doubt, the quality of this property must also be documented and evaluated accordingly via corresponding certification procedures (Gold Standard, Silver Standard, etc.) as well as via the TÜV.

Finally, quality assurance is a prerequisite for avoiding damage to a property, which is reflected in the warranty and renovation requirements. Quality assurance serves to eliminate such possible cases, which cannot always be ruled out in detail, as quickly as possible in order to guarantee the usability and thus also the value of the property.