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Unit price contract (Einheitspreisvertrag)

Unit price contracts are the rule in the construction industry. The main feature of unit price contracts is that the remuneration to be paid at the end is calculated on the basis of the services actually provided - and not those offered - at the agreed unit prices.

First of all, the client groups the technically and economically uniform partial services into items in the service description and specifies the expected required dimension, weight or number of pieces for the quantities of the respective partial services. The contractor now enters the unit price offered by him for a unit of measurement or quantity in each item in the service specifications prepared in this way. If the unit price of an item is multiplied by the quantity specified by the client, the result is the item price. The addition of all item prices results in the final offer price.

The final offer price is not yet binding for the remuneration to be paid; it only represents a forecast. Invoicing takes place after completion of the work by measurement. In the case of a unit price contract, the services actually performed and determined by measurement are paid for. If the quantities increase or decrease during execution compared to the offer, this is automatically reflected in the settlement (§ 2 Para. 3 ff. VOB/B).